RICFANDI R-46 sejarah perkembangan internet

RICFANDI R-46 sejarah perkembangan internet

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  • Rector of IPB: Department of Aquaculture FPIK-IPB Shows Its Capability to do Melak lauk Mei 28, 2015
    Department of Aquaculture (BDP) - Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK - IPB) organized social luncheon, on Tuesday, 26 May 2015, at the Experimental Field Station of BDP, Dramaga Campus, Bogor. The event was carried out in an informal meeting as to increase social relationship between members of university community […]
  • IPB Invited Campus Circles to Love Indonesian Coffee Mei 28, 2015
     Teaching Farm of Horticultural Garden of Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) for the first time held the talk about coffee or coffee talk, Friday (22/5) in Garden of Teaching Farm of Horticultural Garden of IPB Campus of IPB Dramaga Bogor. Dean of Faperta IPB, Dr. Ernan Rustiadi, said, “To promote the […]
  • IPB Organized The Prime Palm Oil Harvest Festivity and the Launching Green Lamb D’IPB Mei 27, 2015
    Faculty of Agriculture (FAPERTA) and the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (FAPET) of  Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) have successfully made historical record by successfully realizing the ideals IPB academicians to establish oil palm plantations in Java. Located in the IPB-Cargill Experimental Garden and Oil Palm Research Center, Jonggol, Bogor, on Monday, 25 May 2015, IPB organized […]
  • Enhanced Hajj and Umrah to Expand Good Charity Mei 26, 2015
    High Priest of Al-Hurriyyah Mosque of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Drs. E. Syamsuddin, said, in running the pillars of worship of Hajj and Umrah, the pilgrims should also conduct the main deeds of other improvements, like reading Koran, being remembrance, praying, or reading useful books. Moreover, it could also be useful in other forms like […]
  • IPB Creates Rural Nursery Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Mei 26, 2015
    To get good crops needs the support of the available superior agricultural production inputs, one of which is the supply of high quality seeds. Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) has produced 278 innovations in various fields: agriculture, fisheries, food, and others. Among the innovations that have been produced by IPB are a wide range of varieties […]
  • Prof. Dr. drh. Wasmen Manalu: Superovulation Technology Boosts Livestock Productivity Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Mei 26, 2015
    Livestock productivity is highly dependent on the successful reproduction of the parent animal to produce healthy, strong, and resilient young that grow well from birth to weaning period and adulthood. Constraints faced by the animal farm in Indonesia is the impact of heat stress on the decreased reproductive process, making the development of prenatal growth […]
  • Prof.Dr Linawati Hardjito: New Opportunities for Biotechnology-based Fisheries Products Mei 26, 2015
    The application of biotechnology for the development of fisheries and marine can be classified into three groups, namely (1). Natural aquatic product development, (2). Technology development / product for the environmental applications, and (3). Development of both conventional cultivation or through genetic improvement of aquatic organisms. Based on Kate and Laird report, global sales of […]
  • Himiteka of IPB Held TOEFL Prediction Test Mei 25, 2015
    Student Association of Science and Marine and Technology (Himiteka) of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences - Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK IPB) held a free TOEFL Test Prediction, on Saturday, 5 May 2015. The program was attended by 101 participants from various batches, and was led by the speaker of English First (EF) as one […]
  • Public Lecture of Bengkulu Regent at IPB: “Developing Indonesia from the Downstream”. Mei 25, 2015
    Bengkulu regent Kaur, Dr Hermen Malik, was the prime speaker at the public lecture on " Membangun Indonesia dari Pinggiran (Developing Indonesia from the Downstream)", on Tuesday, 19 May 2015, at the Management and Business Campus of Bogor Agricultural University (MB IPB), Jln. Padjadjaran, Bogor. The event was organized by the Directorate of Strategic Studies […]
  • Prof.Dr. Made Astawan: Tempe was Able to Stop the Reaction of Free Radical Formation Mei 22, 2015
    Confectionary image of tempe was not so good before there was a report that it was found some advantages in terms of nutrition and medical efficacy in some scientific studies. Tempe price which was relatively cheap, a good taste, a high nutrient content, owned medical potential, and the ability to be processed into a variety […]